ACRA has several upcoming events in the Amador County area.  Some of these events include
sports tournaments, festivals, tours, fundraisers, plant sales, and one -day classes.

Look out for annual ACRA events, like  Triamador and the  Mini Garlic Festival!
Spring Plant Sale
​​What:  Buy fresh summer veggies from your local
        community garden! Tomatoes, cucumbers,
             squash, melons, and more!
Where:    ACRA / ARCD Community Garden
        at the Historic Chichizola / Cuneo Ranch
             (1334 Jackson Gate Road

When:   11:00am - 2:00pm, Saturday, May 4th

If you are interested or have questions, please contact:

Eric Costa   209-256-4885 or [email protected]
ACRA Office 209-223-6349 or [email protected]

Want to see more events from ACRA?
Give us a suggestion through Facebook (,
Phone (209-223-6349), or E-mail ([email protected])
and we'll let you know if the program starts up!